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I think it might be the start of a long long battle

standard May 20, 2008 5 responses

“When you’re three you don’t have peepees and poopoos in a diaper.” C proclaimed two weeks before her birthday.
“That’s right.” M and I were quick to acquiesce, secretly hoping that potty training would in fact be that easy. For two weeks C kept repeating her mantra and we kept agreeing. Then it was her birthday and she spent most of the day without a diaper. She even peed in the toilet once, a first for her, and my heart sang. Maybe, just maybe it was going to be that easy.

This morning when M pulled her out of bed he took off her night time diaper and out of habit put a clean one back on. C took advantage of the situation and pooped, but was fine when I didn’t put another diaper back on. One little accident later and we were ready to leave the house for the day.

“Do you want to wear a diaper or underwear to daycare?” I asked, fully intending to let her call the shot.
“OK.” I was a little leery of the reception my one day potty trained now 3 year old was going to get at daycare, but there was no way I was going to dampen her excitement and risk a setback.

I checked in on her when I picked up the baby after lunch. She’d had a tiny tinkle on the potty and that was that. She woke up from her nap dry(She wore a diaper to bed.) and she didn’t pee all afternoon. I convinced her to sit on the potty before getting into her pajamas, but despite the half hour we spent in the bathroom, the promise of chocolate, and liberal applications of Hello Kitty tattoos, no pee was forthcoming. I’m sure she let lose as soon as the night time diaper was fastened. That kid sure can hold it.

And now we’re exactly where I’d hoped we’d never be: the battle of wills. I’m trying so hard not to care. I’m trying hard to be very ‘what will be will be’ about the whole situation, but it’s so hard not to get irked when I know she’s just holding it in and it’s just a new tactic to get me to spend time with her. If I want to get her to sit on the potty I have to be in there with her and she’s lapping up the attention. Attention I don’t always have time to lavish on her the rest of the day.

I sense that I’m going to need lots of patience and deep breaths over the coming weeks. Lots and lots of deep breaths… and lysol wipes too.

Have I asked you to wish me luck yet? Could you send chocolate and patience too?

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5 responses

  • Hang in there! She will suddenly get it one day, the same way one does with a second language. One day, it’s difficult and exhausting, the next, you just do it.

    A word of advice: make the stakes a little higher each day for a Hello Kitty tattoo. Today, sitting on the potty is enough. Tomorrow, you need to sit for at least a minute. The day after, I’m going to need to see you grunt and push, even if nothing eventuates. By next Thursday you won’t even have to go with her to the loo. In fact, if she’s anything like Fizzy, she’ll be shouting at you to, ‘Stay dere! I do it myself.’

  • Major hugs coming from another mom who is working on potty training right now. Just a hint that I read on Dr Phil’s page and it worked for my son & seems to be working with my daughter.

    When they have an accident they have to practice running to the potty 10 times. 5 times from the spot they had their accident and the other 5 can be from anywhere in the house since they will have an urg to go potty more than just that spot they had the accident. Half way through the practice runs my kids get bored and want to do something else so I have to make it like a game for them. (I hope this made sense)

    Goodluck!! I’m sure she will get the hang of it sooner than later! My son was a little over 3 when I read the above idea and tried it and it all clicked then.

  • Good luck and virtual chocolates coming your way! Potty training is definitely hard but before you know it, diapers will be a memory (that is, unless you decide to have another child) =)

  • Well written post. I’m worried about my reaction when I start with my son. I’ve seen the trouble my nephews have had and I just hope my son gets through it better (and earlier) than they did!


  • I think I have more chocolate than I do patience right now. :p

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