Fit Friday – The Pride Edition

standard May 23, 2008 2 responses

I’ve started to dread Fridays. I know, that’s counter intuitive, but it’s my own darn fault. You see I started Fit Friday in an effort to have you all hold me accountable, but it’s not working really. And when Friday rolls around I feel like I’ve let you all down, when in reality it’s just me I’m letting down. Yeah. I’m complicated. Sorry.

My first instinct is to cringe when I open the Blogger browser window at the end of yet another Friday, but today I stopped to wonder if I really needed to be ashamed of myself or if it was just a knee jerk reaction. Why do I feel so bad about my week? I’ve made some pretty good food choices and the pants I’m wearing fit me a heck of a lot better than they did a month ago. That’s good, right?

So this week Fit Friday will be about celebrating small victories! What did you do this week that you are proud of? Did you take a short walk? Did you practice standing on your tippy toes while you cooked dinner? Did you say no to a second piece of cake?

This week I planned what I would eat at least three of my four work days. (I didn’t pack a lunch, but I started the day knowing what I was going to get for lunch. A marked improvement on the impulse eating I’ve been doing.)
This week when I got unexpectedly hungry in the middle of the morning I had a healthy granola bar (2pts) instead of foraging for chocolate.
This week I didn’t snack off the children’s plates at dinner.
This week I tried to drink a glass of water when I started to get the munchies at work.
This week I didn’t have desert after having pizza for dinner. I chewed gum instead. Mint gum.
This week I’m rewarding myself for my small victories.

Tell me. What did you do this week that you are proud to admit?

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2 responses

  • Great idea. Thanks! 🙂 And congratulations on your victories this week … keep up the good work!

  • I took a chance and went to a hip hop cardio class over the weekend. Will blog more about THAT later! =)

    Congrats to you and the small victories! My husband suggested that I not even weight myself. That I just go with how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. He’s awesome! =)

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