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Fit Friday

standard May 10, 2008 2 responses

Welcome back to Fit Friday! Has it really already been three weeks? Nuts. And, uh, I swear I’m sending out those prizes this week. Cross my heart. The week from hell is thankfully over and I can now actually do things that are important, like mailing out coveted prizes! Oh and spending time with my family. That too.

Before I head of to bed to sleep off the last vestiges of this week’s stress I want to leave you with this week’s goal. This week is going to be all about planning. As they say: If you fail to plan you can plan to fail. And I, for one, am done failing!

So this week, instead of noshing on any snack I can scrounge up around the office I am going to eat the snacks that I will have carefully packed in my cute little lunch box. And instead of scarfing burritos and toasted bagel sandwiches I’m going to lunch on wholesome meals that I will have lovingly packed that morning.

This week has been challenging, but I am trying hard to stay on track. Are you still with me?
Tell me, what’s your goal for the week?

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2 responses

  • I’m back! I’m with you! I’m going to work hard to eat all of my fruits and veggies this week; 5 servings a day. It seems that eating mostly bread and cheese isn’t the key to losing weight. Who knew?

    Good luck with your planning! I love the idea of a cute little lunch box. You’ll have to post a picture!

  • Made it to Curves every day. So far, I lost 4 pounds this week! I’m not sure exactly how as I was bad bad bad with the water. This week I replan the water plan! LOL I plan to keep on track wioth exercise and drink water every day.

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