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Before we get rid of the TV

standard May 14, 2008 4 responses

What is the deal with kitchen appliance commercials?

Why would you want a cafe inspired refrigerator? Really? That’s what they came up with? And how is a kitchen full of people and an annoyed home owner supposed to incite me to lay out thousands and thousands of dollars? I don’t want people squatting my kitchen late at night and I definitely don’t want an industrial strength dishwasher.

And what’s the deal with Kelly Ripa making monster roasts in her super duper oven? Are we really supposed to believe that she runs off a TV set to go make a roast while caring for her family? Really? Because if that’s the case then I refuse to believe that her house is that spotless. Harumph.

Dude. So glad we don’t need new appliances.

Also, while I’m critiquing TV… What is with the Brother’s and Sister’s little infertility side story? I’ve spent enough time on the Internet to know that spending a month trying to get pregnant before you go the IVF route is ridiculous. And even more ridiculous is the notion that you’d give up on IVF and decide to adopt after just a month. Also? How does all of that even happen in just a month? That’s not even biologically possible. Right?

See? I told you we need to get rid of the TV. It’s sucking all my inspiration right out of me.

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4 responses

  • I’m right there with you on the Brothers and Sisters story line. And what was with Rob Lowe’s makeup last week? A little heavy on the eyeshadow?
    I do enjoy that show though…

  • Reality TV never ceases to amaze me.


  • What’s killing me about that show is how Rob Lowe’s character told someone else about 8 episodes ago, he didn’t even want any more children, and now he’s all over the adoption issue.

    Keep your stories straight!!

  • Haha, I love that show but I thought the same thing…Apparently he didnt’ want kids cause he was campaigning but now he’s not…I really thought that IVF was a little drastic when she did get pregnant she just had a m/c…But I agree…its totally not possible to get all that stuff crammed in one month.

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