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Another night out, another book signing

standard May 9, 2008 3 responses

“I really want to go to this book signing, you think we can find a way to make it work?” I asked M as I headed to work this morning. Little L woke up completely fever free, and, though I had originally decided to stay home with her today I quickly realized that there was really no reason to keep her from daycare. She was chipper and showed no sign of the rash that would have indicated she was suffering from Roseola. And so I got her ready and dropped her off a little over an hour after M had dropped of C. I headed to work, buoyed by the thought of a mentally stimulating night out surrounded by writers listening to a great writing teacher.

Just over a year ago my sister called me to say that she was taking a writing class called Writing Motherhood and urging me to buy the teacher’s book by the same name. The book is a wonderful guide for any mother looking to create a journal of her mothering experience. It gives advice on how to get started and offers many interesting and inspiring prompts to get the juices flowing. My copy of Lisa Guarrigues’ book has been weighing down my purse ever since I ordered it online. I love having it close by so I can pull it out whenever I have a spare moment to read or write a bit.

Tonight Lisa was in town promoting the newly released paperback copy of her book. And even though I’ve had the week from hell and today sucked even worse I really wanted to go meet her. I’ve heard so much about her classes from my sister, a mere headache wasn’t going to keep me from going.

I met M near his office and handed over our prodigy, climbed into his car and sped off into the distance. I got to the book store just in time and found an empty seat near the front of the makeshift auditorium. I snuck up to the front to introduce myself and then unearthed my notebook so I could take some notes.

I left the book store after the talk completely re energized. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by other mom writers struggling to find time to write down the bones of their lives, struggling to find the balance between needing to write the truth and wanting to protect their family’s privacy.

A mom in the audience explained that she wanted to write a book for her son, a history of his life that she could give him when he left for college, but she kept finding herself wanting to break from that to write a book for herself about her experiences as a mom. She complained that she didn’t have time to write two different journals and so she wasn’t writing anything. We chatted for a bit while standing in line to get our books signed, but I never told her what I was really thinking; that she was lying to herself, hiding behind her confusion. She seemed scared of what she would write if she let herself stop self editing and I felt sorry for her; her fear was going to rob her and her son of their written legacy.

Do you have a journal? Do you have a place you record the little things that go on during your day? Have you always itched to pick up a pen, but didn’t think you could? This is the book for you.

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3 responses

  • Thanks for the book recommendation! I am going to check it out. I do a lot of contract writing (proposals, business plans, test-prep books) and while that helps keep me writing, it isn’t very creative. I’ve been struggling with how to balance this paid (read: necessary) writing with my desire to get back to being creative — all the while wanting to capture my feelings about being a mom and my daily amazement at my son’s development.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • I am goingt o have to go find that book…. I am in need of some inspiration and guidance. Thanks!

  • I will have to check that book out! Thanks for the heads up!! I love new books and tips 🙂

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