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Welcome back to Fit Friday!

standard April 25, 2008 4 responses

So? How was your week?
Did you stick to your resolution?
Are you proud of yourself?

I have to admit that I didn’t journal every day. I kept careful track in my mind, but I only wrote down everything two of the seven days. Bad, bad girl. But since I knew that you were all holding me accountable I did make healthy food choices, and the scale is showing good results.

Next week I vow to do a better job of journaling AND I vow to drink my 8 glasses of water a day. Journaling and drinking your daily quota of water are the two easiest weight loss tips you can ever adopt. One keeps you honest and the other keeps your metabolism ticking. Click here for a great explanation about the water thing and for tips on how to get all that water into your system. (If you don’t know it yet, take a spin around DWLZ, the best unofficial Weight Watcher site ever. Points values for most major restaurant chains!)

And now for the great big winner of the first ever It’s my life… Fit Friday contest! Drum roll…. And the winner, as selected by random drawing from all the comments is Felicepd! Congratulations and good luck on your weight loss journey! (Shoot me an email at kikadesaATyahooDOTcom with your mailing address and I’ll send the starter kit along.)

Now, now, don’t be sad if you didn’t win. My friends at Weight Watchers sent me a few other goodies. If you’re interested in trying their new cookies, their lemon cakes, or their blueberry muffins join in on this week’s Fit Friday. Post on your blog your resolutions for the week and a tip of your own and leave the link in the fabulous shiny new Mr. Linky that my darling M helped me install for your linking convenience. If you don’t have a blog, or don’t want to post on your own blog you are more than welcome to just leave your resolution and tip in the comments section. I’ll pick three lucky winners next week.

In the meantime keep up the good work! I’m proud of you!

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4 responses

  • OK, I am really not trying to co-opt your resolution but mine is to keep up with the walking/running and to drink 8 glasses of water each day. All too often, it will be 3 in the afternoon and I’ll realize I haven’t had anything to drink other than coffee all day. So wrong, I know.

    Good luck!!!

  • I’m like Felice – realizing late in the day that I haven’t had anything to drink but coffee all day! It’s worse on the weekends. Tsk tsk! Good luck, ladies! Stay strong!

  • I’ve been good about walking every day, but I haven’t been good on eliminating junk from my diet, or journaling. I’m working on getting that down this coming week. Also more water is a good thing, though I do drink a lot of water already.

  • Water. water water water. And I plan to start going back to Curves. But I am going in the morning before the babies get up. All by myself. Ha. I think I can keep these resolutions!

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