Weekly Winners – the baby edition?

standard April 20, 2008 14 responses

Last week no pictures were taken. I don’t actually understand how that happened, but Saturday rolled around and I pulled out the camera and there were literally no new pictures, so I had to be a total loser and pass on the Weekly Winners. It is absolutely devastating; who will remember what my children looked like during the second week of April in 2008. Terrible tragedy.

Luckily this week I’m back. Phew. Catastrophe averted. And so, with no further ado, I present to you my Weekly Winners.

Arg. I’m eh pirate.
aka: Why am I wearing this stupid hat from McDonald’s?

What’s a blogging momma to do when her baby tries to pull up for the first time…
using the toilet for support?
Why, get the camera, of course!
When your baby finally gets hair
it is totally acceptable to give her funky hairdos.
Mohawk anyone?
What is she squeezing so hard?
And why does she look so happy doing it?
I can totally suck my toe.
Hug? Or strangle hold?
Why yes I do have another child. Thank you for asking!


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