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This blogger needs help… seriously

standard April 23, 2008 9 responses

I sat in the driver’s seat and reached my left hand back to grab the seatbelt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the driver’s door start to close, but it never occurred to me that my hand was in the way. Not until I felt searing pain in my fingers. The realization that the door had slammed shut on my fingers coincided with the thought that screaming wasn’t going to get the door open. I fumbled with my right hand for the catch and bounced out of the car the instant I was free.

I was trying so hard to not cry, not scream, not freak out the kids. I stood behind the car and squeezed the throbbing fingers of my left hand in my right hand. I was doubled over in pain and focusing hard on just breathing and not screaming. M ran to the kitchen to get me some ice and I slowly unclenched my hand. I was terrified to look, terrified that my finger might be bent the wrong way.

The fear was justified. After all, I’ve broken my finger before. (In an unfortunate accident that involved me sitting in a chair that didn’t exist. And no, I wasn’t drunk at the time. Well, not too much at least.) But by the time M came back with a bag of frozen peas I’d assessed that the finger was not, in fact, broken. I flexed my hand a few more times to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and took the peas back into the kitchen to exchange them for a bag of ice.

And as I stood at the ice machine, waiting for it to spit out it’s bounty, I wondered about what I would have done if my finger had been broken. It wasn’t so much the baby care I was worried about, or even the housekeeping. My real concern was this: how would I have been able to blog tonight if I didn’t have my left hand to type with?

See? I need help. Don’t you agree?

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9 responses

  • Oh, I’m so looking forward to meeting you. 🙂 I have done the EXACT SAME THING!!!! Seriously. I have. And I thought no one else could possible make my same mistake.


    Glad to hear that your hand is OK.

  • Talk about an “ouchie”! It brought back memories of some of my own – great writing! So glad your hand is fine!

  • ouch! glad to hear (or rather see) that your fingers are ok!

    totally understood about worrying about blogging. that would have been my first thought too!

  • Glad you’re OK.

    Blogging has taken over my world too. 🙂

  • I did the same thing but only my thumb was stuck from the OUTSIDE of the car on the passenger side (I’m not even going to go into detail about how THAT happened)and , get this, the door was LOCKED so I couldn’t open the door right away. Luckily my ex-husband was still in the car and was able to unlock the door for me. I didn’t feel the pain until the door opened. My thumbnail did not survive my stupidity but my bones were still intact, at least!

    Glad you didn’t break anything and were able to blog about it!

  • ooooh!! One of my big fears in mommy-land is doing that to one of my girls.. I never thought about doing it to myself!! ouch!! Once Grace thrust herself at the closing door to rescue a toy she’d left in the car.. and I threw my own hand in the way, while trying to catch the door with my other. I caught it in time thankfully.. but I didn’t even blink at possibly hurting my own hand to save Graces’… afterwards I was thankful that neither of us was hurt though..

  • Good thing you didn’t break anything, and good thing it wasn’t one of the kids’ hands.

    It’s funny and said about your thought process, but sadly I think I may be just as guilty.

    My bright side would be that it was only one hand and not both, so I could still type, just not as well.

  • You’ll have to hire a transcriptionist. I’m available! And I promise not to steal your ideas and post them on my blog first ::whistle::

  • That’s hilarious. LOL Not that you got hurt but that that was what yout hought about!!

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