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More truths from the toddler’s mouth

standard April 4, 2008 3 responses

“Oh, I know who you are! You must be Jessica’s daughter!” The congregant gushed when she saw C this morning. “Look at your gorgeous blue eyes!”
“My eyes aren’t blue! They’re green!” C replied indignantly, shocked out of her shyness by this blatant error.
“No sweetie, they’re blue.”
“No, my eyes are green!” C insisted as the congregant kept smiling down at her.
“Well, what color is your sweater?”
C looked down and pointed to the different colors of her sweater as she answered: “blue, pink, and white, but my eyes are green,” she finished, pointing to her eyes, just in case the lady was inclined to be mistaken again. Then she looked at my coworker’s top and cleared up any further doubt about her color knowledge by adding: “that sweater is green.”


“Chanchan is your mommy, right mama?”
“Yup, she’s my mommy.”
“So who is daddy’s mommy?”
“Grandma is daddy’s mommy.”
“NO!” C cried, “Grandma is my Grandma!”
“That’s right, she’d your grandma and daddy’s mommy.”
“No! She’s just my grandma!”


“Let’s be princesses! You can be Tinkerbell, Little L can be Snow White, and I’ll be Sleeping Beauty. Hi, Tinkerbell!”
“Hi Sleeping Beauty!”
“OK. Now it’s my turn to be Tinkerbell.”
“OK. So who should I be? Cinderella? Pocahontas?”
“Pocahontas, Grandma can be her! And daddy, daddy can be the stepmom!”


I had a rough day at work, but who could possibly stay down after conversations like that?

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