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“Who is that kid?” I turn to M and ask.
We’re both somewhat cautious by nature, C on the other hand takes a moment to assess situations and then throws herself headfirst into the action. Right now she is scampering up the side of a huge inflatable slide at Pump it Up, getting ready to launch herself down the slippery slope. She pauses at the top, waiting for the coast to clear, sitting way up there miles away from me, her tiny feet dangling over the edge, then with no further hesitation she pushes off with her hands and down she comes. The speed and the angle of the slide force her flat on her back, her arms and legs splayed in an effort to slow her descent. To her right and her left bigger kids are throwing themselves down the slide with wild abandon, some on burlap sacks, others holding on to each other. They whoop with delight, but C doesn’t emit a peep, she’s concentrating too hard.

I watch her face intently, waiting for a smile or a frown. Does she like the rush? Will she be scared of the lack of control? She reaches the bottom and as she slows to a stop her face splits into a wide grin. She jumps up and clambers over the protective bumper at the end of the slide.

“I go again!” she calls in our direction as she heads back to the ladder side of the inflatable slide.
“That kid is completely fearless.” M says shaking his head as he watches her run off. “Completely fearless.”

This post was inspired by this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt “Fearless.” Click here to see other great entries.

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3 responses

  • I could just see the great fun she was having! The fearlessness of kids can be pretty scary yet so amazingly innocent. beautiful take on the prompt!

  • My oldest was like that … until he fell over into a fountain while trying to splash his father. He seemed alright on the way home, but when it came time for swimming that summer, he wound let us carry him around the pool … but ONLY if no part of his body touched the water. Luckily, he eventually got over it!

  • What fun she was having! Great visuals. Nice post!

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