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Cheerios: date night enablers

standard April 13, 2008 5 responses

This time I missed the text message. I spotted it when I pulled out my phone to call home, ironically just as the sitter was calling me. (A new one this time. The other gal hasn’t come back yet.)
“She won’t stop crying for you!” In the background Little L was screaming her head off, punctuating the sitter’s words. My heart sank; we’d only been gone a half an hour.
“Have you tried giving her her bottle?”
“Yes. She keeps pushing it away.”
“Is C having any luck calming her down?”
“No, none at all.”
“Well, have you tried the TV?”
“No, not yet. I’ll try that now.”
“OK. Call me back.”

I jumped the gun and called her back a few minutes later.
“Has she calmed down at all?”
“No, she calms down and then gets all riled up again.”
“OK, let’s try some Tylenol and some Mylecon.” I give her the dosage for each medication and wait on the line as she gives them to the baby.
“Oh, she really likes those!”
“OK, now, get her lovey, put it against your chest, hold her sideways in your arms with her head against the lovey and walk her around until she’s distracted enough to take her bottle.”
“OK. I’ll try that.”
“Good luck! Call me in a few minutes and tell me how it’s going.” I hang up the phone and start to head back to the cocktail room, but I quickly call her back as a thought grabs me.
“Hey, if all else fails, try giving her some Cheerios. She loves her Cheerios.”
“Oh! Then that might be why she’s crying. C is eating Cheerios right now and Little L keeps reaching for them.”
“Ah, yes, that might explain it. Give her some and she might calm down.”

I hang up the phone and head back to the party, smiling, relieved to have found a solution. The final text message reaches me a few minutes later: “Cheerios fix everything!” Our evening is saved, I’ll have to remember the magic fix for future near disasters. Maybe I’ll write to General Mills and tell them to change their tagline to “Cheerios: allowing parents to go out and enjoy a night out every so often.” After all who really cares about heart health? Isn’t date night more important?

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5 responses

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you give your kid Tylenol and Mylecon just to get her to quiet down? As a mother of five kids ages seven and under, I have never sunk that low.

  • Actually, no, I don’t give her Tylenol and Mylecon “just to get her to quiet down.” She’s teething and the Tylenol helps with the pain, and she’s often gassy and the Mylecon helps with that. But thanks for the drive by, anonymous, criticism.

  • Wow, someone didn’t eat their Wheaties today. Judge much *anonymous*?

  • As a mother of 5 kids you’d think you’d know not to judge based on one blog post and maybe realize you don’t know everything. I was wondering where the perfect mother was hiding.

  • Also a mother of 5 here. Wow. We aren’t all like that, I swear! I’m too busy trying to figure out legal or otherwise acceptable ways to drug my kids to bother judging other people!

    –haven’t killed ’em yet.


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