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Brain farts

standard April 12, 2008 4 responses

– Why do I always remember when someone says “Oh! You should totally blog that!”, but never what it is they thought I should blog? Even if I totally agreed with them.

– Why can’t I ever leave a place with everything I need to take with me?

– Why do I always forget to get that one thing at the grocery store? You know, the thing I’m going to remember the instant I go home? The thing that’s not necessary or urgent, but annoying not to have?

– Why do I only remember to take the chicken out of the freezer after I get onto the highway in the morning?

– Why can’t I remember all the other things I forget? Wait, that one’s pretty self explanatory, isn’t it? Ahem.

What are your brain farts?

Happy weekend everyone!

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4 responses

  • I’ve been trying for 2 months to remember the totally bloggable funny my brother pulled. My husband, on hearing the story, told me ‘that’s so bloggable it isn’t funny’. That’s all I remember tho.

    Oh, and I’m bad for remember to thaw the chicken until AFTER it’s time to start supper. And I’m at home all day everyday. Go figure.

  • It’s being a mommy. My theory is that the babys suck the brain out of you and then continue to leech the energy and memory capabilities out of you until you get them out of the house…. and then you get senile…

  • Man, you hit the nails on the heads for me, all the way. Needless to say, I can’t think of any other things I regularly forget, except Important Things I Absolutely Have To Do By Today

  • The grocery store thing. That’s totally me. And if I go back and get it, I will inevitably remember something ELSE when I get home from THAT trip.

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