A bit of advice with your morning bagel?

standard April 5, 2008 2 responses

“Have a great day! Make good choices! Ask good questions!” My words send M on his way every morning. Every workday the routine is the same; I give my little pep talk, C hugs her daddy, Little L blows raspberries and we wave bye bye.
Then last week C added her two cents.
“Daddy! Don’t forget to step in the puddles!”
The next day she switched it up.
“Daddy! Don’t forget to stop when the light is red!”
And yet more advice the day after.
“Daddy! Don’t forget to buckle up!”

Now M and I listen carefully every morning to hear what words of wisdom our little half pint will dispense. So far it’s been worth our while; he gets great advice, and we get a good laugh.

Happy Saturday! May the day be all that you want it to be!

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