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Weekly winners

standard March 16, 2008 19 responses

I was the one who begged and begged for the Nikon D40, but M is having almost more fun with it than me. He keeps trying to take funky shots where things are blurry but not and he seems convinced that this is the only way pictures should be taken. I’m just having a blast taking pictures without the heinous shutter lag our old camera had. How novel, click and actually get the shot you wanted!

The kids are lucky I was so busy this week or I would have been in their face even more often than I already was. Maybe they both developed a stomach bug as a way to dissuade me. Ha! Didn’t work. Try harder next week kiddos!

What we’ve learned this week? That Little L has the most amusing facial expressions and that the Nikon D40 was well worth the wait.

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Winners as presented by Little L:

Hey! You guys are back!
Check it out! I’m learning to drink from a sippy cup!
And my sister is learning to shake her booty.
Mom and dad should keep an eye on that one…
Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with everything.
It’s all too much to deal with!

For my next trick I’m going to balance this ball in my hand.
Or maybe I’ll make it disapear. Not sure.

Or maybe I’ll poop.
Yeah. I’ll do that instead.

Mommy keeps joking that I need a helmet, but I don’t get the joke.
C is great at picking me up. She puts me down gently… most of the time.

And she’s great at sharing her toys and books.
This one’s a fascinating read.

OK, then, any questions?

No? Well OK then, see you next week.
Though you should stop by before then,
there are bound to be many more pictures between now and next Saturday.
Maybe even more shots of my sister!
Bye now!

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