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Weekly winners

standard March 30, 2008 16 responses

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this week as I did last week, but I’m still excited with the quality of the shots that I can take with my new camera. I took it with us to the beach last weekend, but it’s just as fun right in our own kitchen. Here are some of my favorite shots from this week. Don’t forget to go check out some other Weekly Winners!

What is all this yellow stuff?
I don’t have any of that on my head.
Mommy? Why don’t I have this yellow stuff on my head?
If this were the view from your deck would you ever want to leave?
Yeah, me neither.
I want to leave!
I don’t like the beach!
This is much, much better.
Yes! It’s fun being at home for dinner time!
Nom, nom, nom.
Yummy veggies!
Those aren’t so yummy after you’ve had them almost every night for two years.
S’all I’m sayin’.
I don’t care what you say.
I’m a big girl who eats real veggies and drinks from a real cup.
S’all that matters if you ask me.

See you all next week!

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