Is it ok to aim for good enough?

standard March 27, 2008 4 responses

I’m not sure how I decided where to set the bar, all I know is that I keep falling just short of reaching my goals:

– Weight loss? HA!
– Freelance career launched? Not so much yet.
– Job satisfaction reached? Double HA!

I spend my days running. I run from one gig to the next. Mom! No, employee; administrative assistant! project coordinator! master scheduler! No, wife! No, cook! No, chauffeur! No, writer! No, sister! No, daughter! No, friend! I want to be the best at everything I do, but apparently that isn’t working out so well. The kids vie for my attention, each feeling like they deserve the lion’s share. M wants hugs and quality time with me. My coworkers each feel as though I should be focusing all my attention on their projects and programs. And every second my laptop calls to me, whispering sweet nothings to the words in my head that are fighting to get out. And me? Well me I’d like to do all that and get more sleep, and lose twenty pounds, and exercise, and remember to laugh a bit every day.

I can’t help feeling as though I’m shortchanging everyone and falling short of my self imposed ideals. I want to be super mom, super worker, super wife, super friend. I can’t help feeling as though everyone expects me to be the best at everything, and I’m setting my expectations so high that I can’t help being disappointed in myself every day when I don’t get all my work done perfectly or when I frustrate one or both of the kids by not giving them the attention they crave.

But am I really imagining the looks from other moms? My baby is almost 8 months old, I should be getting close to my starting weight; after all a friend who had a baby three days after me has lost all of her baby weight and then some. Am I really imagining the rolled eyes of my coworkers as I cause yet another scheduling mishap? I’m learning a new process, but it’s taking me an insane amount of time to get it right.

Maybe if we could all agree that good enough was just going to have to do then I’d be able to cut myself some slack. You tell me, is it good enough if:
– the kid get veggies and fruits with her frozen chicken nuggets or nuked hot dog?
– the baby is eating solids at least twice a day and trying new foods twice a week?
– I’m still nursing the baby for all but two of her daily bottles?
– I get 80% of my to do list done every day?
– I manage to reply to most of my friend’s emails in the two weeks after I receive them?
– I cook dinner for my husband at least twice a week?
– I send the kids to daycare in clean clothes every day?
– I blog every day?
– I spend at least 10 minutes on social network sites every day in an effort to promote said blog?
– I spend at least two hours a week working on some form of writing, be it shorts or my novel?
– I just focus on breathing deeply rather than running away when things are getting out of hand?

Help me out. What do you feel you are doing just “good enough” at? Are you OK with that?

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4 responses

  • Good enough works for me. Especially the last item on the list. Just breathe.

  • That’s good enough?? Heck, you are fabulous! I can not get even half of that stuff on your list done.

    Who are these people that roll their eyes at you? Can I take them? 😉

  • Sounds to me like you’re doing better than “good enough”. I know this is one more thing on the list but I highly recommend podcasting Eckhart Tolle and Oprah’s class on Eckhart’s book THE NEW EARTH. I listen to it on my IPod and it really helps me focus, breathe, concentrate on me a bit more and still get things done. You can get the podcast on Itunes.

  • I try to do all that stuff too. But I have to say, two hours a day of writing. You are amazing. You must not watch any television (brain rotter)? Don’t sell yourself short.

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