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I just don’t get it…

standard March 24, 2008 7 responses

There are many many things that leave me perplexed. These are just a few.
I just don’t get …

… people who cheat and ride in the carpool lane, but move at the same speed as the other drivers so they can merge back into the slower lanes in case a cop shows up. If you’re going to cheat OWN IT!

… why my children always wait to poop until the exact moment when I’ve finally gotten everything together and we’re ready to leave the house.

… how getting up twenty minutes early doesn’t mean I’ll be able to leave the house twenty minutes earlier than usual.

… why there’s always a ton of laundry to fold, even after an afternoon spent folding.

… people who leave five minute voice mails that end with “Actually, why don’t you call me so I can explain better.” Actually, maybe you could just email me?

… people who get all pissy about things that were an honest mistake. OK. Sorry. I won’t ever email you at home instead of at work again. Sheesh. Relax already.

… why I can never seem to write my blog posts earlier in the day. I know they’d be better, but I can never seem to get organized enough.

… why, in a room FILLED with toys, both girls just want to pound on my laptop. It’s my toy and I’m not sharing. So there.

… how my brain can be saying one thing while my body does the exact opposite. For example “I should really take city streets this morning.” as I’m turning onto the highway on ramp.

… why I can’t stick to my diet when I truly hate the way I look these days.

… how I could just sit there and snap pictures of this cute face instead of scooping her up and putting an end to her despair.

Cruel. Just cruel.

How about you? Anything leaving you scratching your head today?

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt “I just don’t get it…” Click here to see more inspired entries.

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