From the toddler’s mouth

standard March 18, 2008 2 responses

“Come on kiddo, it’s time to go to sleep.”
“But momma, I need more water!”
“OK. More water, but then dodo. OK?”
“OK. Mommy?”
“Yes baby?”
“Mommy, you clean my room.”
“Uh, no, you can clean your own room tomorrow.”

“Mama? Where’s the baby dactyl?”
“The what?”
“My baby dactyl! Where’s my baby dactyl?”
“Little L? She’s in her crib. Why are you calling her a baby dactyl?”
“Because you said!”
“Oh! Are you trying to say pterodactyl?”
“Yes! Dactyl!”
“She does sound like a baby pterodactyl, doesn’t she?”
“Uh hun.”


“Mammy?” C calls as she bursts into the bathroom while I’m in the shower.
“Yes baby?”
“Hold on sweetie, I can’t hear a thing you’re saying.” I say as I push open the door. “What did you want?” C stops in her tracks and stares. Then she shakes her head, points, and screams:
“BOOBIES! BOOBIES FOR LITTLE L!” and runs out of the bathroom.

Such an innocent cutie.

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