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But what are you supposed to do with the box?

standard March 19, 2008 3 responses

I could hear the cat meow before I had even locked the car door. I looked around and spotted the carrier containing the irate kitty. I followed him and his owners into the vet’s office.

It was busy; three dogs in the waiting room, a few cats huddled on the far couch. I walked up to the cold marble counter and waited to be noticed. The receptionist looked up after a few minutes.

“How can I help you?” She asked without making eye contact.
“I’m here to pick up my cat’s ashes ad to return this cat food, if you’ll take it.” I said, patting the case of cat food I had placed on the counter in front of me.
“Of course, no problem.” She answered and busied herself on the computer.

In record time I had handed over $300 and the leftover food and I’d been handed a compact cardboard box with a neat label affixed to the side. And then it was over. With no pet and no past due bills I no longer had any reason to be standing in the lobby of the vet’s office. I glanced briefly at the couch where I spent many evenings waiting to show some infected wound or other to the on call vet. I took a deep whiff of the too clean smell and pushed open the door. I stepped outside and tried hard not to thing about the contents of the box I was gripping in my hand.

I was caught off guard by the intense sadness I felt. I knew he was dead, I was there when it happened, but I think a part of me was holding out hope that maybe he’d be there waiting for me to take him home. But instead I was taking home a dense little box that seemed way too small and way too light to contain my sweet kitty.

From the moment that we learned that there was no hope for recovery and made the sad decision to end his suffering I knew that I wanted to spread his ashes over my in law’s back yard. We lived with them for two years and the cat spent most of that time happily hunting or lolling around in their spacious yard. He loved every minute of the time we lived there and I think it’s a fitting place for him to rest.

Today I finally opened the cardboard box to take a closer look at the wooden box it contained. I was surprised to find a pretty, well crafted, little chest with a classy metal plaque engraved with the cat’s name. I looked carefully, but I didn’t find any hinges, the only way to open the box is to unscrew the four screws on the bottom.

So I guess we could bury the whole box, but that’s not really what I had in mind, and frankly that weirds me out a bit. And I’m happy to bring a screwdriver on our little ash spreading excursion. But I have one question…

What are we supposed to do with the box?

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3 responses

  • sorry to hear about your kitty. 🙁

    you could put a picture of your kitty along with their collar inside the box. and then keep the box out if you are up to displaying it or put it somewhere secret where you can look at it if you ever want to.

  • agreed with mariah. i was going to suggest you can put a picture of you & your cat with something memorable like his collar or his fav toy.

  • Agree with both of the others. A little memorial would be cool. I am so sorry to hear that your cat died.

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