A respite and some Weekly Winners

standard March 2, 2008 22 responses

Maybe Little L knew that I needed a break tonight because she fell into a deep deep sleep shortly before being done with her bed time bottle. I tried to rouse her a bit before putting her down, but she was really out for the count.

And so, before turning in myself, here are a few shots taken this past week, which I hope will allow you to forgive me for all the bellyaching I’ve been doing for the last few days.

‘Round and around in Santa Cruz.
It’s easy to be brave when your daddy is right there.

Future librarian?
Or maybe just future eccentric?

This new bed may be big…
but it’s definitely not big enough for both of us.
It’s all mine.
And I am the coolest evah.
This is my sister: Buckethead.
Isn’t she cute?
OK. Let’s scootch you a micro-millimeter this way.

AKA. Why mommy thinks Little L should always be wearing a helmet.

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