When the big sister helps

standard February 9, 2008 6 responses

The other day I posted about what happens when babies decide to take feeding matters into their own hands. We’ve since taken pity on the poor child and reintroduced some solids; applesauce, in the morning so as to not upset her tummy at night. She loves to eat, but some mornings she’s more picky than others. This morning she gobbled up a few spoonfuls and started to lose interest. I was running seriously late so I gave up and went to do some laundry, leaving her in the highchair for the time being. When I came back into the room I found this:

“Say ahhhh.”

I’m not sure a lot of food actually made it into her mouth.

And I’m not sure Little L was thrilled with the goings on.

But I think my mornings just got a little easier. I knew having more than one child would eventually pay off.

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6 responses

  • LOL, my son loves helping with his sister. Just be careful with it. A decided to share his banana with his sister. she ended up choking on it. I forgot to explain that while it’s nice to share, don’t do it unless mommy say’s it’s okay first. Nice to have a little helper though.

  • That is so cute. It’ll be nice to have an extra pair of hands. The entertainment value alone makes it all worth it.

  • oh totally! i would find my first born giving the newborn her binky when she’s wailing. i actually think that my baby likes her big sister calming her down more than me.

  • LoL! I think that is so precious and cute! What a helpful big sis!

  • Adorable. Great job capturing it all!

  • So so cute. My middle child decided that anything he doesn’t want to eat is something for his brother. I have found the oddest things in my youngest sons highchair. I have to keep close watch. He ended up eating peanut butter and bananas way earlier than planned thanks to his big brother!

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