When babies take matters into their own hands

standard February 5, 2008 4 responses

In an effort to get Little L to sleep a tad better I’ve cut solids out of her diet. Any food I tried on her seemed to really upset her tummy, so, until I figure out a feeding plan of action with the Nurse Practitioner we’re sticking to breast milk and formula. Little L hates this plan. She watches all food like a hawk and tries to snag anything that comes even close to her hands. Today she took matters into her own hands.

For the most part we’ve managed to get her to sleep from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., but at what cost? Who else thinks she might be ready for some real food?

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4 responses

  • OMG that is so cute! Poor little sweetie, I hope you get all that sorted out soon.

  • There must be something incredibly yummy about paper. Eliana does the same thing. She looks like she’s going to fly off the chair in the first pic.

    Hope you get the sleep thing worked out very very soon.

  • 6 hours of uninterupted sleep is all i read! 🙂 hope that this 8 to 2 gave you some well deserved rest! she’ll get back on real food again soon…

  • All I can think to say is if rice cereal gave her a stomach ache, that Sharpie-covered paper is really going to be a kick in the ass to clean up. Pun intended.

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