Weekly Winners

standard February 17, 2008 21 responses

I have some doozies for y’all this week. And not one of them make me seem like a competent mother or house keeper. But on this here mommy blog we’re keeping it real and we don’t sugarcoat the brutal ugly truth. Welcome to this week’s Weekly Winners.

Hey… looking for a good time? Come help us fold some laundry.







We have quite a lot, as you can see. I’m not sure we can get it all done.







I’d better get started. This stuff ain’t gonna fold itself.







“Look! I wear make-up just like mommy!”
Sure… if my make-up was frosting and I wore it smeared across my face. Actually… that might not be such a bad idea.









I see the spud, but where’s the baby?









I lost my cookie. Have you seen it? I swear it was here just a minute ago.









Two girls and their daddy decorating the walkway, lapping up the February sun on a lazy Saturday morning. See? The hokey pokey isn’t what it’s all about.

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