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Those peeps at Disney sure do know how to throw a party.

standard February 12, 2008 8 responses

“Where we going mamma?”
“We’re going to a Mickey party!”
“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?”
“Sort of.” I answered evasively as I pulled into a parking spot. Disney was throwing a party for the writers of Silicon Valley Moms Blog and their families, but that was all I knew, all the details had been kept hush hush.
“Yay, Mickey!” C jumped up and down as I let her out of her carseat. I hoisted Little L into my sling, M grabbed the diaper bag and C’s hand and we followed the other excited children into the club.

We were greeted by cheerful hostesses bearing goody bags stuffed with Mickey Mouse ears and autograph books, then we made our way into the main room of the party. At first glance not much was going on; a carving station here, a little kid buffet there, tables in the middle. We put on some ears and stood around waiting to see what was going to happen.

That’s when we noticed people filing into an adjoining room. Like the sheep that we are we headed over to see what was going on and that’s where we found the party. An artist stood at an easel drawing Disney characters. Three large screens boasted video games at the end of the room. Between the two sat a sea of little tables with coloring materials and decorate your own sugar cookie kits. And at the front of the room the main attraction drew us like bears to honey; a huge Mr. Potato Head bar. One long table covered in Disney themed Mr. Potato Head pieces.

While C covered page after page of princesses in multicolored scribbles, I ducked around children nabbing a nose, a set of eyes, Mickey gloves. I filled a box with fun pieces and brought my spoils to C. I tried to convince myself that C would have been crushed by the older kids, but if we’re really honest, I was just worried she would miss some of the better options. Don’t worry. I’ve been punished for my greed. I managed to grab two right hand Mickey gloves instead of a pair. I didn’t notice until we got home, and yes, it still bothers me.

Once the room had been ransacked we were herded back into the other room for a short presentation and some food. A little prime rib, a little Mickey Mac&Cheese, and some fun cookies later the fun party guests showed up, though to hear C tell it monsters from outer space arrived to torture us all. Apparently she’s still afraid of people in costume and she was making no exception for Mickey and Minnie. She clutched M’s leg and begged to be allowed back into the other room to color more. M was only too happy to comply. I stayed put and nursed the baby in a corner while feasting on more treats.

Luckily Cinderella arrived to save the day and C was lured back out for a quick photo op. Though in every picture she looks terrified; Mickey and Minnie were just a few feet away. Little L just thought the whole thing was a blast. I just want to know how long it takes that poor girl to put on her make-up.

After that last photo op we gathered our things and made our way home feeling slightly ill from all the sugar we’d ingested. Not that that kept us from bringing some of the sugar home with us, keeping the party alive all the way until bed time.

Thank you Disney! We had a fabulous time!

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