The evolution of a week

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On Mondays I feel on top of the world. I feel recharged by a weekend spent with my husband and kids, I have time to myself to write, and relatively few obligations. By the end of the day I think to myself that I’m finally getting the hang of the two kids + full time job gig. If you listen carefully you might even hear me whistling as I wash the pump parts I’ve ignored over the weekend.

On Tuesdays I’m still feeling pretty good. If I have a to do list helping me along I might get quite a bit of work done with minimal griping and chocolate snacking. I pick the girls up and chat with them all the way home and while I prep their dinner. You might catch me dancing around the kitchen to hopping Elmo tunes as I bounce around getting food on the table.

On Wednesdays the extra sleep gleaned on the weekends is a quickly fading memory and I’m starting to visibly struggle in the morning. I snap a bit more as I get the girls ready and I’m most definitely not the happiest camper as I roll into work. Having sworn off coffee until Little L is sleeping better doesn’t help me one bit. Dinners on Wednesdays tend to be convenience based, if not outright restaurant made.

On Thursday mornings I drag myself out of bed extra early to be sure to get Little L to daycare and C to preschool early enough to be able to get to my 9:30 meeting on time. I spend the rest of the day running around trying to get work done while finding time to pump, ferry C to daycare, and trying hard to locate my to do list. Dinner is either made by M or eaten in a restaurant. If the stars align and the kids cooperate I attempt a Yoga class to try to get myself back in control. So far this has happened once.

By Friday I’m at the end of my rope. The kids and I listen to the radio silently as I drive them to daycare and my coworkers know to leave me alone for the first half of the day. I struggle to get the last few items crossed off my list as I check job listings for mythical jobs that would allow me to earn a paycheck while not doing any actual work. I watch the clock ticking the day slowly away. I work an hour less on Fridays, but the day always seems twice as long.

And then the glorious restorative weekend rolls around, promising lazy mornings and quality family time. And all the doubts generated by Thursday and Friday are dispelled and I once again feel confident that I just might be able to survive this challenging time in my life.

Happy weekend everyone. May you find some restorative peace at some point over the next two days.

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