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I’m also an expert on candy, but no one asks about that

standard February 23, 2008 3 responses

Our favorite pediatrician has been sunning it up in Hawaii all week and, though her replacement is a lovely person, we missed her dearly. Like mine, her kids all have asthma so I really feel like we speak the same language.

This new gal diagnosed Little L correctly (bronchitis, with a side of ear infection) , but she seemed awed by my knowledge of all things asthma and bronchial related. In fact she kept saying “Well, you’re the expert, mom.” (If she’d been saying “Well, you’re the expert mom.” this would be a completely different post.) While I appreciated the sentiment, and the nod to the number of times I’ve been down this road before, I was there for her expert opinion, and I really wanted her to hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be fine. Because at 2 a.m. yesterday, when I couldn’t get Little L to stop wheezing and struggling for breath I really didn’t feel like I knew much of anything, not even at what point you throw in the towel and head for the ER.

In the end I gave her a nebulizer treatment and then stood in the steamy bathroom until her breathing slowed. Then I brought her into bed with me so I could hold her close and make sure she was breathing well. We slept the night away and headed back to the doctor’s office this morning only to learn that ears that looked great yesterday were now looking infected and that treatments every four hours hadn’t gone very far towards getting Little L healthy. We added steroids and antibiotics (for the ear infection) to her arsenal of meds and hopefully she’ll have turned a corner by tomorrow.

On a side note I was thrilled and a little pained to discover that sometime during the night Little L cut her first tooth. Luckily for me it was just my finger she was chewing on when I made my discovery.

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3 responses

  • Congrats on the first tooth! I truly hope L starts feeling better soon!

  • What a tough night you must have had! I’m glad she seems to be doing better.. and yay for the tooth! We’re still waiting for Cate’s first one. Maybe she’ll cut it this weekend while I’m gone..Chris did say she’s been rather fussy!

  • Yay for the tooth! My littlest is working on either 4 or 6 up top right now. Yuck.

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