Have you ever…

standard February 1, 2008 3 responses

Have you ever been so tired you wanted to cry, but were too tired to cry?

Have you ever made a ruckus about some injustice at work, and then felt silly when the whole thing got blown out of proportion?

Have you ever knowingly sabotaged your diet even though you knew you’d hate yourself for it in the morning?

Have you ever lied about a previous commitment just to get out of doing something you didn’t want to do?

Have you ever stayed up blogging even though you knew you should go to bed early? (Darn it, I did it again!)

What else have you done?

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3 responses

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. You read my mind and now know all my dirtiest secrets!

    J/K. Especially with the whole sabotaging my diet thing. Every day while I’m at work I am sooo good with staying on track, and then EVERY night I slip back into the same old stupid routine of sneaking into the pantry after the kids are asleep and eating all their snacks. I need HELP!!

  • Yup, I’ve done all of those. And the last one? Doin’ it now…

  • Yes, to all of the above!

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