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3:23 p.m.
In honor of this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt “Foul” I’m going to live blog the Super Bowl. There’s bound to be a foul, right? Come along for the ride. Check back often for updates.

We’re spending the afternoon with friends. Little L is on a blanket on the floor. C has a toy train set up. Snacks abound. I have my copy of Putting on the Blitz so that I can see if I can learn something. So far, it’s 3:23 and the game still hasn’t started. Not off to a good start.

I know NADA about football. I was born and raised in Soccer land… all this taking 40 second breaks between plays is very tough for an impatient gal like me to tolerate. But I got the book, and I even read a few pages, and I’m giving it a fighting chance. Stay tuned.

Kick-off! I’m having a deviled egg to celebrate.
Everyone is making score predictions. I’m saying 34 16 Pats win. I have no idea what I’m talking about. So far lots of screaming and a little tackling. Oh! Words I recognize from the book. Downs. This is very exciting.
The kids are sitting on the floor sucking on ziplock bags. Party Foul #1 right there.

“Oh. Wow. M? Can you please go get a diaper in the car?”
“Why? Who needs it?”
“That one.” I answer, pointing at Clara. “Foul. Simply foul*.”
I’m nursing the baby, and trying to nosh at the same time. C’s smelly diaper is definitely messing with the moment. Game? What game?

Great big play. Interception. Everyone is very excited. Except for me. I’m still a bit lost. Or maybe it’s that I just don’t care that much. It’s a good thing there are a ton of commercials to keep me entertained.
C’s given up. She’s in a different room watching Ice Age. She might need some company soon. Ahem.
OK. Fine. I’ll tough it out a little longer. Maybe I’ll pull out the book and learn a little more.

Oh look, almost an hour has passed. It’s half-time, and everyone seems a little subdued. Little L is fast asleep next to me. C is back upstairs watching Noggin. We’ve given up on Tom Petty and we’re watching The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Oy. So cute.
We’ve also brought out the blondies. This party is rockin’.

And more time passes, yet nothing seems to have happened on the screen. The score is the same. Players are still milling around. And I still don’t get it. Sadly the game is far from being over. Gimme a good, fast paced, soccer game any day. Fewer goals, but lots more action.
Maybe I should take a little nap…

Wow. I suck at this live blogging thing. But one kid had to eat, and the other one wanted to be rocked in the sling for a while. Now I’m back, and apparently at the crucial moment. Two minutes to the end. The Patriots just rallied. Things are looking up for them.
OK. I spoke too soon. I’m not really back. The baby wants to eat.

And there you have it. Game over. Surprise! The Giants take it at the end. The only person here who thought they’d win? C. It’s OK. We were playing for the right to clean up. Woot!
Phew it’s over. Now go read some real Sunday Scribblings posts.

*Sorry. Too easy.

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