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For the love of a permanent marker

standard February 27, 2008 5 responses

I have a thing for office supplies. Office Depot is the place I go when I need to quiet the chaos in my head. Aisle after aisle of neat and orderly supplies and organizational tools make me feel safe and at peace. I can’t tell you the number of boxes, racks, and bins I’ve bought over the years in the hope that I would miraculously become organized and neat. So far, hasn’t happened.

Obviously my love of office supplies combined with my passion for the written word make me a sucker for all things pen and pencil related. Especially permanent markers in shiny bright colors. I don’t every actually have a use for them, but I crave their rainbow hues nonetheless. Weeks ago, at Target, I caved and purchased a brand new pack, rationalizing that I needed them to make C a potty training chart.

We headed home with our spoils and C helped us unpack our shopping bags, tearing through them one at a time. I wasn’t sure what she was looking for until she crowed my markers held up high.
“I want to color!”
“Sorry baby, those are mommy’s markers. You can color with your crayons.”
“No! I want to color with the markers!”
“Sorry kiddo. You have to be a big person to color with those.”
“I am big! Look at my big arm!” She demanded holding out her arm for me to inspect.
“I know you’re big, but you just aren’t big enough.”
“Yes, I am!” She insisted, stomping her foot.
“You know, those are special markers. You have to be a mommy to use them. Even daddy can’t use them to color.” I was thinking fast on my feet and I swayed her. She tried to convince me that she was a mommy to her dolly, but I parried and won. I snuck the markers into a drawer and that was that.

This morning, weeks after the marker discussion, Yo Gaba Gaba inspired me to ask C what she wanted to be when she grew up. She hesitated for a moment and I would have bet good money that she was about to answer: a princess, but she caught me off guard.
“I want to be a mommy when I grow up.” (Aw, cute, right?) My heart swelled and I kissed her.
“A mommy, hun?” I said nonchalantly.
“Yes. I want to be a mommy so I can use the markers.” What can I say? She’s my kid, and the apple never falls far from the tree.

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5 responses

  • You have to appreciate her single-mindedness and determination.

  • Joelle

    my 2.5 yr old has a mind like a steel trap too … i think she never forgets anything! LOL

  • That’s hilarious. And we know what motivates the really big decisions in life 🙂

  • Hah…now I know what to get you both for Christmas! 🙂

  • You know, at daycare they only let the big kids use markers. Maybe they are not letting her use markers there yet? Or vice versa, they are letting her use it there?

    I remember when my daughter came home from daycare with marker stains all over her hands, face, and clothes one day. She was so proud and told me she’s a big girl and can use the markers now. She never went back to crayons anymore.

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