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Day three in the sleep school trenches

standard February 29, 2008 5 responses

Last night Little L slept until 1 am when I nursed her and then again until 4:30 when I pulled her into our bed. The rest is a bit fuzzy. Even though she woke up a bit earlier than I would have preferred, I still think there was some progress.

Tonight I stayed home from Yoga so we could keep going. I put C to bed and put Little L through her bed time routine. After a large bottle and a little nursing I put her, drowsy, into her crib. She settled right down and I headed to the kitchen to wash my pump parts. A few minutes later I heard her start to fuss. I let her be until the fussing escalated to crying then I went to comfort her. I gave her a pacifier and spoke quietly to her as I rubbed her forehead for a minute. She settled down again so I left the room, and she promptly started crying again.

I went back to the kitchen and finished cleaning up, listening to the level of the crying. She would settle down and start up again, each time louder and angrier than the last. She kept sobbing “Ah ma, ah ma. ah mama” in between cries and it was torture not to go scoop her up and rock her to sleep.

I let her cry, with periodic pacifier re-insertions and head rubs, until her cries became panicked screams and she started to cough. Then I went in and took her out of the crib and rocked her a bit. I nursed her for a minute and put her back into the crib just before she fell asleep. To be sure I shook her awake a bit after putting her down, but I think she was so spent she never really noticed.

I’m not sure whether to label this a win or a lose, but it was really all I could take tonight. This sleep training stuff ain’t for the faint of heart.

Why does mommy want me to sleep so badly?
Being awake is so much fun!

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5 responses

  • Oh, my dear! I do hope you have better luck than I ever did! My son is still a late sleeper. When he was 4-1/2, he announced: Sleeping is such a waste of time. You can’t have any fun. That’s why your caption reminded me of my struggle in the intial days. In fact, he wasn’t so bad when he was little. He’s six now and still won’t go to sleep easily. After the lights are turned, he has a dozen questions and I have to get stern almost every night! Sigh…so I sincerely hope you have better luck.

  • It reminds me of the first few night with Eliana in the crib. The crying was so hard to take, but she’s a great sleeper now and rarely cries when she’s put down.

    I’d call it a win. You got the baby to sleep. I hope tonight goes even better for you!

  • It’s so freakin’hard isn’t it?

    I commented yesterday about how I would do anything to get child #2 to sleep so as not to wake child #1. I have to tell you, Child #2 had sleep problems until he was 13. And I blame myself. He never taught himself how to fall back to sleep if he woke up in the night and HAD to be consoled by me.

    Don’t make my mistake. Keep at this. You can do it.

  • win! stay on it and it’ll get better. from my mistake with my first child i do not want to make the same one for the second. granted my baby is much younger than yours i only had to do the comfort-but-not-pick up technique one night and it’s been pretty smooth since.

    hang in there!

  • My son tortured my soul for many months refusing to sleep. I feel your pain. I also love all the toys in the background of that cute picture. Reminds me of my house.

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