What’s next? Moving sidewalks?

standard January 4, 2008 7 responses

The greenish glow from the cabin lights barely illuminate her small face as she sits in her plush car seat. Her head is bent forward, framed by her long blond locks. She doesn’t make a peep as she stares intently at the small rectangular tablet that she holds in her chubby grasp. On the smooth, flat surface, no bigger than her open hand, puppets dance; Elmo, then Zoe, then Big Bird, all three going around and around on tricycles.

To my eyes the scene looks uncannily futuristic. I stare at her and I can’t help but wonder what the original founders of Sesame Street would think of this scene; a little girl, sitting on an airplane, holding a wireless device smaller than a slice of toast, watching their beloved character do something countless generations of children have enjoyed.

We’re living in the future and we haven’t even noticed.

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7 responses

  • “We’re living in the future and we haven’t even noticed.”

    Gad, ain’t that the truth. We just take so much for granted now. But yes, I’m sure if our grandparents were transported to this century they’d be shocked and awed by what they see. And swear they had just been plopped into the middle of a Jetson’s cartoon.

  • My mother used to rhapsodize about how much her mother would have loved an automatic washing machine. I wonder what our kids will say?

  • What a great line. We’re living in the future and we haven’t even noticed. We need to learn from our children’s out of the box thinking. When my kids played with the apple ITouch, they instinctively knew how to work it and asked how they could use it to make their own movie. They know no boundaries!

  • I think the makers of sesame street would be very proud of that beautiful scene!

  • I know, its amazing how things have changed. I am embracing it though because I don’t think there is any going back…

  • Yeah, try asking her what an “LP” is! *LOL*

  • my daughter do not know that not every camera has a screen to look at. she does not know that a phone can be corded. she does not know of a world without a computer, a tv game, a tv that can not replay back the shows that she likes. she does not know of a world that music doesn’t come from mommy’s ipod.

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