Weekly Winners

standard January 13, 2008 15 responses

I posted pictures just a few days ago thinking that it would be my Weekly Winners entry for the week, but, what can I say, I’m obsessed with my kids.
To be honest some of these weren’t taken this week, but I never pulled them out of the camera and it would a shame not to share them.

So, with no further ado, I present my daughter; the ham, and her little sister:

It truly wasn’t the greatest show on earth, but that magic wand is still the most favoritest toy on earth.







It might be hard to find a prouder big sister.







“Mama? Can I wear your glasses?”
“Sure honey, but only if I can take a picture.”







“Mama? Can we be done with Costco now?”
a.k.a. “When did my baby get so big?”

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