The Best of 2007 Blogger Awards That Require Absolutely No Pandering for Votes Because I Just Picked Them, Darnit

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What better way to ring in 2008 with a bunch of blog awards. I mean, bloggers just can’t have enough “Your Socks Rock” and “Bestest Blogger Cuz I Said So” awards, right? So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and giving out my picks for the best of 2007.

Best Blogger Hot Spot: Mobile, Alabama! (Who knew?). These ladies make Southern accents sexy.

Best Bloggers That People Think Are Moms But They’re Not: Lara and SueBob.

Blogger Who Should Write a Book. Oh Wait. She Did!: Rebecca

Hottest Wife of a Blogger: Chag. His Ella is the bee’s knees. (Whatever that means, exactly).

Best and Only Reason(s) to Love Mississippi: Canape and Toddler Planet. And deep fried pickles (if you like that sort of thing).

Blogger Who is Least Likely to Make a Presentation About the Effectiveness of IUDs: Julie

Blogger With the Biggest…Blogroll: Jessica

Best Drunk Bloggers: Tie between Yvonne and Deb

Best Blogger with Two Names: My Hostess (duh!)

Blogger Who Is Guaranteed to Have a Better Year: Catherine

Blogger Who I Swear Has a Clone Because I’m Not Sure How She Does it: Chris

Blogger With the Best Posting Record Ever: Amy

Blogger You Should Add to Your Feed Reader for 2008: ME! DUH.

Happy New Year. And thanks to my gracious hostess. Now hop on over to my place [] so you can read her post. I know you already miss her terribly. And don’t forget to hop on over to the Blog Exchange to see other awesome award posts!

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