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Still paddling around in the shallow end

standard January 15, 2008 5 responses

After the other day’s post the least I can do is offer some reassurance that I have not, in fact, jumped off the deep end. Maybe I just needed to let out some steam, or maybe I needed to nap a bit more, but I am feeling a little bit better, a little more in control.

Little L is not sleeping a ton more, but we are working towards a better schedule. I’ve been withholding food when she wakes around 12:30, rocking her until she gives up and goes back to sleep. I keep telling myself that if she’s still fussy at 1am that I’ll feed her and she keeps falling asleep at 12:55, thus proving me right when I claim that she’s not really hungry at that time. She wakes again at 2:30, eats and goes right back down. And when she’s up again at 4:30 M now gets up to get her for me. It works out beautifully, I get to stay in bed and not really wake up, and he apparently has no recollection of getting up, so he’s not feeling the effect of the night wakings.

It’s been three days and I’m hopeful that any day now she won’t even wake up around midnight any more. As soon as she starts doing that consistently I’ll start working on eliminating the 2:30 feeding, after which my nights will almost be back to normal.

I’ve been pouring over sleep training books these last few weeks, trying to figure out which option will work best for us in our tiny house. I’ve learned all about crying it out, not crying it out, letting everything resolve itself, waking up the baby before the baby wakes up, not waking up the baby, twilight feeding, substitution, and everything else in between. And, most importantly, I’ve learned that having a plan might not mean you get more sleep, but it means you have control over the sleep you don’t have, which in turns allows you to deal with the sleep deprivation and stay sane.

Little L is still up every two hours, but it’s not upsetting me the way it was before. I feel in control of the situation. I have a plan. I have help. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m sure that sometime before she goes off to college she’ll be sleeping through the night. And if she’s not, well then it’ll be her roommates problem not mine.

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5 responses

  • I know it is hard with C around since you don’t want to wake her but might I suggest not even picking L up at 12:30 when she wakes. From everything I have read if you pick her up and snuggle her there is a chance that she will continue waking so she can be snuggled. Wouldn’t you? Just a thought.

  • No suggestion, just positive thoughts. We had a stress filled pregnancy and have been fortunate thus far with our baby at night. They do grow out of everything else so your attitude that the light is at the end of the tunnel sounds great! Good luck!

  • I feel for you, been there. It was the hardest time for me. But it does get better, you will sleep again.

  • WTG for finding a solution that works for you!

  • I am happy for you that you’re feeling a little more in control and that you’re still paddling around. hang in there.

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