Sometimes the diaper, sorry, apple, falls far from the tree

standard January 8, 2008 9 responses

“Mama? I put dis in da trash?”
C is holding up a dirty diaper. I folded it neatly on itself, but I left it on the coffee table after changing the baby.
“Sure baby. That would be very helpful.” I smile as she walks away, holding the offending diaper between her thumb and index finger. Unlike her parents C is a bit of a neat freak. She hates to go to sleep in a messy room. She puts her toys away. She loves to throw trash in the garbage.

I understand her need for order. I appreciate the calm that cleaning and organizing can provide. I can even grasp the peace of mind that comes from being in a clean room. But in practice I just. can’t. do. it. If I have twenty free minutes I want to spend them blogging, reading, writing, even cooking! But not cleaning, folding laundry, or tidying up a room.

So the toy piles overflow, the laundry piles grown, the clean dishes litter the counter and poor C frets about the state of our house. M and I watch her and wonder where her inclination comes from. Does it skip a generation? Do we become slobs (Yes, I admit it. Slobs! We’re slobs!) because our parents were neat? Will she be a neat freak because we’re slobs? And more importantly, when will she be old enough to clean up after us? After all, isn’t that why we had kids in the first place?

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9 responses

  • Hi!
    You sound a lot like me. For the life of me I can’t keep a room clean for too long. It’s great that your little girl likes to keep things clan though. It’s a good thing to encourage, and later exploit when it comes time to do dishes. lol I hate dishes… I wish my kid could do them, but for now he is more intent on chowing down on his fist.

  • Hopefully this means I won’t have to worry about setting a good clean up example for my little guy. Maybe he’ll just pick that up naturally. Whew, what a relief.
    Much as a hate cleaning though, I hate looking a clutter so that’s what propels me off the couch.

  • A girl after my own heart. Who wants to clean, when it’s just going to get dirty and messy again in an hour anyway.

  • Oh, we are such slobs at our house! sometimes my boys show a wee sign of being neat and I worry I’ve squelched it in them and am ruining them for life!

  • oh, we must have switched our kids in the hospital! i’m basically “monica” from friends. if i have a dish unwashed when i go to bed, i will eventually wake up like a freak in the middle of the night and wash it.

  • Eh. our girl is just as big a slob as we are! I have a feeling though..that just possibly, Cate might be a neat freak.. And I thoroughly agree..why do laundry when a warm cozy couch is calling?

  • My name is Rebecca, and I, too, am a slob.

    There. I said it.

  • Will you sprinkle C-dust over my children? *lol* Well, maybe just the boys … T-girl’s not that bad. :p

  • I am somewhere in the middle. I guess that is a good thing. Maybe your little one can come show my kids a thing or two about cleaning.

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