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Miscellaneous miscellaneousness

standard January 27, 2008 3 responses

See what I did there? See? I was so scared that if I gave the questions issue its very own post then no one would ask anything and I’d end up feeling like the big loser that the kickball teams fight not to have on their side. Yes I’ve been there before, no I didn’t enjoy it. At all. Duh.

So I snuck my question into the last post and The New Girl totally called me out, and then asked a great question. And then, and then I checked the Sunday Scribblings prompt and the angels sang, and I decided to put on my cowgirl boots* and grow a backbone, and be brave for once.

Here’s the deal. The New Girl stole borrowed an idea from Mimi, who herself borrowed it from Beck, who might have borrowed it herself, history doesn’t say, and then she entreated her readers to take part, so I am, just as soon as I end this run-on sentence. Phew.

The rules of the game are simple:
– You ask a question
– I answer
Fun, no?

I come here day after day and I spout off ad nauseam about my kids, my husband, my work, my dead cat, my thoughts about every other aspect of my life, and anything else that crosses my mind when I open Blogger. You lovely people come and read my words, and leave awesome comments. After all this time there must be some questions you want to ask. Some narrative arc that I dropped, leaving you hanging. Some minute detail about me that you’ve always wanted to ask, but never knew how to introduce.

The New Girl wants to know “Besides having children, what is one of the most influential decisions that you have ever made? You know, that had a major impact on you life?” What do you want to know?

*They give me courage. Don’t you have an article of clothing that gives you courage?
Hey! Here’s a deal, you tell me what you wear when you need to feel extra brave, then you ask a question. Deal? I’ll answer everything tomorrow.
(Please. Pretty please, don’t let me be that poor kid standing all alone waiting to be picked long after the game has started. KThnxBai.)

This post was roudaboutly inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt “Miscellaneous“. (Yes, yes, because… miscellaneous questions? OK. I agree. It’s a bit of a stretch. Sorry.)

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3 responses

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

    I ask this question because the place my husband and I would love to live is far, far away and it would break our mothers’ hearts and therefore it is out of the question. So, you know, answer with no stipulations. 🙂

  • I did move far, far away and broke my mother’s heart. But she got over it.

    Here is my question: How late do you usually stay up blogging?

  • I have a lovely blue pantsuit from J Crew that makes me feel grownup and clever. I wear that when I’m nervous …

    I don’t know you … so forgive me if this is a silly question: dog person? or cat person?

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