I never see it coming

standard January 30, 2008 6 responses

“Hey, C?”
Yah mamy?”
“I think it’s time for you to start having peepees and poopies in the potty.”
“Uh hun.”
“So, I think we’re going to get a super fun chart and every time you have a peepee or a poopy in the potty we’ll put a sticker on the chart, and when the chart is all full of stickers then you can have a really big prize. What kind of a prize do you think you might like?”
C squints in concentration and then without any hesitation answers: “A goat.”
“A goat?”
“Yes. A goat.”
M and I erupt into near hysterical giggles.
“Oh. Well,” I say when I can finally catch my breath. “I was thinking something more along the lines of a Polly Pocket.”
“Oh! Yes! I want a Polly Pocket instead! I go have a peepee on da potty.” And off she races towards the bathroom, pulling off her pajamas on the way. She didn’t pee, but that’s OK, I haven’t made the chart yet. Plus, what if she changes her mind again. What on earth would we do with a goat?

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