At the end of the day, what makes you feel fulfilled?

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“What do you want for dinner?” M calls at 4:30 with the daily question.
“What do I want? Or what should we have?”
Euh…” Wisely he doesn’t venture further. The manic tone of my voice doesn’t bode well for anything.
“Because what I want,” I plow on, “what I want is something smothered in cheese and heavy cream with a side of deep fried stuff. And what I should eat is definitely not that.”
“Because I’ve been good all day, and even though I’m having the crummiest of crummy days, I don’t deserve to eat crap, I deserve to treat myself well and feed myself something healthy. Even though I really, really want something unhealthy and I feel like I deserve it.”
Uhn hun.”
Oooohhhhkay. Then what should we have for dinner.” He’s a man on a mission; he wants a dinner plan.
“Oh. Whatever. We can have the raviolis at home. “
“Oh. That sounds great! OK. See you there.”

I want to eat to ease the stress. I want to stuff my face with chocolate and fatty foods, any kind, I don’t care, doesn’t matter. I’m a stress eater. In times of angst and distress I turn to food for comfort, but it never makes me feel better. In fact it usually makes me feel even worse, because after I shovel food in my craw, I tend to feel gross and fat and disappointed in myself.

“Instead of turning to food I should turn to the things that make me feel better, that make me feel fulfilled!” I said to my friend after getting off the phone with M. “We deserve to treat ourselves better! We deserve to stop abusing ourselves!”
“Yes! Yes we do!”
“I should go home and write! I always feel better when I write! And I can put on some fun music and dance with the kids! I love doing that!” I bounced out of her office, pumped, convinced I had the solution. I don’t need creamy cheesy pasta. I don’t need fully loaded nachos. I need a list of the things that make me feel truly fulfilled, and at the top of that list are my family and my writing.

What’s at the top of your list? What makes you feel fulfilled?

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7 responses

  • Mine is feeding the ducks. unfortunately, the ducks live about 20 miles away from me, so I don’t get to do it that often.

    I tend to overeat when I’m bored more so than stressed. But after listening to a hypnosis tape by a guy called Paul McKenna, I have a totally different attitude towards food. It’s really helped me cut down on what I eat, how much I eat, and when I eat it.

    Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make You Thin”

  • I like being with the boys. We turn off all the electronics in the house, get out a game, and just hang out on the floor in the living room. It just brings me back to center and gets me focused again.

    With regards to eating… I am a terrible stress eater. I love food and I love food that’s bad for me. It it’s fried, then I find it delicious. I really work hard to focus on healthy.

  • Lora

    I don’t know that I have anything yet that really makes me feel fulfilled but I have, only recently, noticed that I don’t really feel better when I eat the crap. Perhaps that’s why I’m 60 pounds overweight?

  • I like doing my whole yoga workout from beginning to end without interruptions. Or swimming 40-50 laps of freestyle. The exercise endorphins and the feeling of being virtuous combined with the lack of baby yells, telephone calls and less than delighted customers make me feel five years younger and two inches taller.

  • I feel great short story. Walk the dog for at least 30 minutes. Do yoga at home. And, of course, write. At least most of the time.

  • Being with my family, away from electronics would be a GREAT plus. It’s hard to compete with 3 tv’s, one PSII, two computers, etc etc etc in a 2-bdrm house. :/

    I eat mostly out of boredom. When I get stressed, I smoke (yeah, I know).

  • He is a very brave
    The girls usually say mom do you need to lay down?Why? Because you are grumpy. Fine. lol

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