When sisters become friends

standard December 14, 2007 3 responses

I turn off the water and listen. I can hear the girls in the kitchen; C’s singing a song and Little L is babbling. I have a few more minutes before I have to go see what they’re up to. M’s just headed out to work and I’m in the middle of my morning primping. I keep an ear trained on the kitchen sounds, waiting for indications of a meltdown.

“Waaahhaaweeuuueeuuu!” Little L’s cry makes its way to me just as I squirt lotion into my hand. It’s hard to tell if it’s a happy or upset cry.
“I’m coming booboo.” I call to her. “I’m coming!”
The cries melt away and I squirt some more lotion onto my palm.

“WAHHHHAHAHHEEHHHEUUUUUUUUUU!” she’s escalated to a screech.
“OK. OK. This time I’m really coming!” I grab my towel and head towards the kitchen.
“NO MAMA! No! She just answering me!” Clara calls to me.
She’s right. I stand in the frigid* living room and listen for a moment. The baby is quiet now. As I walk towards the bedroom in quest for some warm clothes I can hear them start to talk again, and all of a sudden I don’t mind the lack of heat so much. Hearing my girls play together is making me warm with pleasure.

*We’re on day four with no heat. Tonight I tried to fix it myself. Apparently fixing heaters isn’t one of my superpowers. Bummer.

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