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Well, at least the shower is fixed

standard December 11, 2007 3 responses

So… I spent the day waiting for the plumber. Again. A different plumber, because I’m no glutton for punishment. This one was coming to replace our water heater and fix the drippy shower. In theory this is the last of the plumbing repairs. Though of course I just jinxed it and now we’re going to have broken pipes right and left… but whatever.

This plumber didn’t forget about me, called ten minutes before he got here, put little booties over his big boots so that he wouldn’t track mud through the house, replaced the water heater in record time, and even fixed the shower. They were friendly and polite. They cooed at the baby and did their best to be quiet so she could nap. And even better they were done with plenty of time for me to go pick C up from daycare.

(Well, I would have gone to pick C up if I hadn’t locked my keys in the car, thus leaving us stranded at home. But that’s a whole other story, and a boring one at that. It involves frantic calls to my mother in law and the daycare provider and a little girl who didn’t speak to me for a good ten minutes when I finally came to pick her up at the grandparent’s.)

You might think it was a perfect plumber visit, but this is me we’re talking about. The other shoe dropped when we came home after dinner and realized that it was quite cold in the house. Way colder than it should have been, even taking into account our pathetic heating system. I turned up the heat and it didn’t make the usual clanging and banging. And I did the math.
Replacing water heater = turning off the gas
turning off the gas = shut off pilot light
shut off pilot light = no heat
no heat = oops

PG&E can come out next Monday to turn it back on, because it’s “their busy season.” I tried to appeal to the customer service rep’s soft side, but she must have been well trained, or hates babies, or something, because there was no swaying her. Then I called the plumber and left a hysterical message on their machine. I may have used the phrase “freezing our patooties off,” what can I say, it’s cold, my brain must be even more sluggish than usual. So far no one has come to our rescue, so we’re going to huddle in our bed and turn on the electric blanket, cancer be damned.

So, yeah, it’s cold, but at least the shower’s fixed. Right?

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