Weekly Winners

standard December 17, 2007 5 responses

I heard they were making a Terminator show. I’m ready. Can I have a part?
Isn’t she too young to be lusting after Hollywood?







See? Up there? That one looks just like a monkey!
Maybe it’s time to get those cracks fixed…









Peek-a-boo! I see you!
And can you see the mess? Oy. We need to clean up.









Come closer. Just a leeeeetle closer…
After a week with no heat the kids finally got a bath. I know, ew, but it was really cold in the house!







These shoes aren’t too big!
This child turns eating spaghetti into a contact sport. I don’t know if those tights will ever be clean again.









Mom? Are you almost done with these dumb pictures?
A cynic at such a young age… so sad.







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