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“No mammy! I wanna walk.”
“I know, but trust me, you can walk and hold my hand at the same time.”
“No, no, I walk!”
“And hold my hand.”
“Yes. It’s either you walk and hold my hand or I carry you.”
C looks at me to see if I’m serious and holds out her hand when she sees that I’m not backing down.

I didn’t notice a specific moment when walking became the norm for C. No more stroller, no more shopping carts, just walking. I remember a year ago wondering how I would handle two children in a shopping cart, and all of a sudden it was a non issue.

First they’re babies, then they’re toddlers, and all of a sudden they’re walking and talking children. Only you don’t see it coming, because there’s no distinct line that is crossed, just one day, your baby looks up at you and says:
“No mammy, I want to walk.” Then you know toddlerhood is over.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Walk. Click here for more great entries.

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6 responses