Then again, maybe she just doesn’t like to fly

standard December 31, 2007 1 response

In France when something bores you beyond belief you say “Ca me fait chier.” Literally “It makes me shit.” The American “bores me to tears” is nowhere nearly as entertaining.

After last week’s and tonight’s flights one can only conclude that Little L finds airplanes boring. In the six hours that it took us to fly from New Jersey to San Jose she pooped no fewer than three times. This is quite a record for the child who can sometimes go three or four days between bowel movements.

Aside from that the flight home was uneventful. We’re back safe and sound and we’re already missing the cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, step-parents, dog, and oh yes, M’s suitcase which is presumably still at Newark Airport waiting to embark on tomorrow’s flight. I sure hope it opted for the cash rather than the airline miles when they asked it if it was willing to give up its seat on the plane. (What? They don’t do that for luggage?) Hopefully my brand new mobile GPS unit, carefully tucked between some socks and underwear, will help the luggage find its way home.

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