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Experience the unexpected

standard December 15, 2007 5 responses

I’ve told M that I’ll get him either an iTouch or a new Nano for Christmas if he can ever decide which one he’d prefer. He can’t decide. We keep going to the store to compare both players*. At least tonight’s visit took us away from our frigid house**.

After a decidedly sub-par Sushi Boat meal, (why we persist in eating there is beyond me) I scooped Little L out of her car seat to feed her before we headed out on our iPod comparing adventure. One small sniff and I instantly knew she wasn’t fussing because she was hungry. One quick pat on her back told me that I was in trouble; squishy is never a good sensation. I had thought to bring diapers and wipes, but our only change of clothes was in the car. In the last four months Little L has had maybe three blowout diapers. What can I say? I’ve gotten cocky. M was dispatched to go get a clean outfit and once he returned I grabbed my disgusting, squishy offspring and hightailed it for the nearest Family Lounge,*** on the other side of the mall. I sidestepped a million pushy cart vendors. Why I looked like I needed hand lotion is beyond me.

We finally made it to the lounge and I gratefully lowered Little L into a changing table. Then I found a huge stack of paper towels, and I proceeded to evaluate the exact extent of the damage. Groans were heard. Loud and repeated groans. And in minutes Little L was buck naked on the changing pad. Mountains of wipes were used in an effort to clean each nook and cranny. More groaning. Then finally I had a squeaky clean, still naked, baby, and a HUGE pile of dirty wipes and paper towels. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider taking pictures, but frankly, simply writing about this might be more than enough to send her to therapy, pictures might have been a bit much.

I finally dressed her and threw away the offending diaper. I seriously considered throwing away the clothes too, but it’s an outfit I love so I resisted. I loaded my clean and happy baby into her stroller and I made my way to the Apple Store, where M and C were playing a Dora computer game and still no decision had been made regarding the player.

Dinner wasn’t very good. The entertainment was gross. No shopping was done. But at least we were warm for a couple hours. I guess the evening wasn’t a complete write off, even though I still have to deal with the clothes. Maybe it’s not to late to throw the whole outfit away…

*Why it’s even necessary to compare them at all is beyond me, but M is incapable of making that kind of decision without excessive soul searching and agony. It’s simple; pick one so I can get it already! But nooooo…. We’re on visit three to the Apple Store.
**Yes. Still no heat. No. I don’t want to talk about it.
***There was no doubt at this point that this was something more than the patrons of the “regular” bathrooms could handle.

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5 responses

  • Good to see you can keep a sense of humor about you even in stinky times. There is nothing better (not) than having to spend 30 minutes in the family bathroom essentially giving your child a truckers bath because their hiner poo-ploded!

    Thanks for the early morning chuckle!

  • Anonymous

    it is all about the itouch. Don’t bother with that tinywiny little nano.

  • We had a nappy like that while we were in the doctors. I know how you feel about the mountain of wipes, just when you think that there is no more poo, you find a new smear!

    Oh and the hand lotion? Maybe they could see that you were about to get down and dirty with the baby wipes.

  • oh i am totally with you on the hubby comparing electronics deal. at least you have the patience to go with him… i just send mine to go compare without me. because everytime we go to a store to do comparison, somehow we always ended up looking at more electronics that is needed for ‘research’.

  • sun

    Ugh, it can take S MONTHS to research purchases…

    BTW, Costco sells the iTouch & Nano’s for really decent prices.

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