Desperately seeking doggy

standard December 12, 2007 2 responses

One cold fall day two years ago a cute little brown and blue doggy found his way off a Carter’s display and into C’s stroller. By the time I was ready to leave the store she had half his ear shoved into her mouth and they were inseparable. We took him home with us. A week later I was back purchasing a second doggy, just in case.

When a close friend announced her pregnancy shortly after the doggy became a member of our family I rushed back to Carters and I bought her one so that her son could know the same love that C already felt for her fuzzy friend. But I am a mean, mean friend, and I only got her one doggy, and now they are in dire need of a back up, but Carters is no longer making the doggy. Horrors! And I can’t find him on eBay. And so I’m turning to you my friends in the computer.

This is The Doggy.

Have you seen him? Do you have a friend who has him? Is he sitting on your shelf? Would you be willing to part with him?

There’s a little boy in France who is just waiting to give him lots and lots of love. And I’m willing to pay good money for that to happen. So spread the word, have your friends check their toy bins, look on your shelves, and let me know if you find our friend.

Pretty please?

In other news, the heat still isn’t fixed, but we’re coping as best as we can. It’s a good thing I can knit a hat…

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