Attire Casual. That means family friendly, right?

standard December 20, 2007 6 responses

A few times a month we are faced with an interesting dilemma: finding a restaurant fancy enough to appeal to M’s parents, and family friendly enough for the kids. We often end up at Chili’s or Fresh Choice, but sometimes we branch out and try an independent place. Tonight we tried an Italian restaurant that opened up a few weeks ago. The website said “Attire casual.” I figured we were good to go.

There were table cloths, and muted decor, and elderly patrons. It was instantly apparent that we were in the wrong place for dinner with two children under 3, but we’re nothing if not tenacious so we decided to tough it out; there’s not much we won’t tolerate for a good Italian meal. I ran out to get C’s backpack of restaurant entertainment, and then I affixed the baby to my breast so she wouldn’t squawk all evening. And they were good, really, really good. So good that half the diners came over to our table after their meals to comment on how well behaved the children were. And if that isn’t a sign that we were in the wrong place I’m not sure what is.

C never noticed all the askance glances coming her way. She was too busy inhaling the spaghetti she shared with her pals.

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6 responses

  • Michelle

    I have a horrible dread of this exact same thing happening. My mom and her new husband are “fancy” people, and I’m always worried we’ll end up someplace where people are giving me and my two-year-old the death stare. I can only hope it works out so well for me. And the feeding of the animals is adorable!

  • You did good! I would have been tempted to run for the hills. My kids are FINALLY getting old enough I can hand them a book or video game and they are good to go.

  • I hate to admit that, at 17 and 15, my kids cannot be trusted in a restaurant that nice either. Sometimes it will go just fine, with nary a hitch, and then other times I’m all “get your elbows off the table” and “stop drinking your water with a spoon” and “stop giving dirty looks to the waitress and eat something besides bread for the love of god”

    So you have that to look forward to.

  • I love that picture! It looks like everyone enjoyed the spaghetti.

  • Where did you go?? Please share!!

  • The spaghetti-sharing is adorable.

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