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standard December 1, 2007 13 responses

It’s over. Phew.
Who would have thought I would struggle to get through 30 straight days of blogging? I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve actually been impressed with some of the stuff I’ve come up with when I truly thought I had nothing more to say. Sometimes getting past that last barrier really squeezes the creativity right out. That said, I’m a little glad that I can go back to not blogging on Saturdays. Though I still might. We’ll see.

I’ll leave you with some parting shots. (My Weekly Winners.) Of the child. Who slept from 9:30 p.m. to 4:45 a.m. last night and who is currently fast asleep in her crib. See? Sometimes when you post humorously about something instead of whining the sleep deities lend a hand. Or moving her away from the side of our bed so she couldn’t smell me (ew) any more did the trick. Whatever. I slept. S’all that matters.

(Hey, y’all come on back tomorrow, okey dokey? It’s the big ol’ blog exchange and as soon as I get some ducks in a row I’ll post my partner’s post.)

Can’t a girl jump in peace around here? And who’s this kid looking over my shoulder?

I love you, but I just don’t think I trust you.
(Note the death grip on the handle in the left hand.)

Wonder what happens if I pull this ribbon…

Who’s the coolest kid in town?

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