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You know you’re tired when…

standard November 30, 2007 4 responses

It recently occurred to me that I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in a row since Little L was born. (Well, OK, there was that one time that she slept until 5 a.m., but I’m not so sure it really happened, it might have been a sleep deprived hallucination.) With that in mind, I now understand why I’ve been a little off my game these last few weeks. To whit:

You know you’re tired when…
… you start to lose your words.
I was at that great big green coffee chain when I decided I wanted to add a little spice to my regular latte. That’s precisely when my brain blanked and I was overheard telling the barista “Could I have it with some of that… that… you know… it’s brown? you eat it? shaped like a little man?” It’s a good thing a friend was there to rescue the poor guy. “She wants the gingerbread syrup. Sugar free.”

… you inflict bodily harm on yourself and it doesn’t keep you from getting back to bed.
The other night I decided that I didn’t need to put the swing away; I would totally remember that it was in the middle of the hall between our room and C’s. Yeah, right. At 2 a.m., when C had a nightmare, I rushed to her room to quiet her before she woke the baby. On my way there I smashed my foot into the swing. I hoped to the crib, found a pacifier, and quieted the child. Then I turned and hobbled back to bed, doing a great job of ignoring the searing pain in my throbbing toe.
When M got up in the morning I rolled over and said: “I think I broke my toe.” I don’t think he believed me. It actually took me a few days to decide the toe wasn’t broken, just really badly bruised.

… you come up with hair-brained ideas at work.
This morning I pitched a skit idea for a show we put on once a year. It was a great idea. So great, in fact, that we did it last year, AND I WAS IN THE SKIT.

… you know there’s more to the story, but you are just too darn tired to remember.

How about you? What have you done in the throes of sleep deprivation? And, please, tell me there’s hope for me…

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4 responses

  • When I was hand-raising my Ridgeback puppy with bottle feeds every two hours, I became so sleep-deprived it actually made me nauseous. I lived in fear of putting the bottle in the basket and the puppy in the fridge. Somehow we got through it, and I now have 32kg of dog sleeping at my feet as I type.

    Fizzy alternates between being a dreadful sleeper and a brilliant one. She’s 19 months old now. During some of her worse moments, I have found myself forgetting things and then inventing memories to fill in the gaps. The brain is a strange and wonderful thing.

  • well does it count that im sleep deprived just being pregnant? I dont remember this occuring till the very end with my last two pregnancies…but for some reason Im up – lets see 6-8 times a night to pee!? Seriously- Im running on maybe 4 hours total a night, and Im going to bed at 8pm and up at 6:30am. Im not one of those get up go pee go back to sleep gals( or for that matter when a baby is around do the duty put child to sleep I sleep) it takes 20-30 mintues to fall to sleep again. Anyway Im going on and on, because that is all I think about these days..how can I be drinking that much or why is this child on my bladder all freakin day and night…ah.
    My issue isnt that I forget things or what have you- its that I no longer care that we have cold cereal for dinner, I dont bother with makeup in the morning, I have tons of laundry to do, and the house is a mess…all of that is ok as long as I can get to bed and TRY and sleep!!!

  • I have been in your shoes! None of my babies were good sleepers for me. I was up with them every 2 hours as well. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 2. During the 4 yr diffrence i don’t remember much. I don’t recall what took place in years I have to go by how old the kids would have been at that time to figure it all out.
    The good news is once you get good sleep for at least a year without having to get it does get better!
    I now can remember what really happened in the past year! Dates though are still fuzzy.

  • Sounds like someone needs a bruised-but-probably-not-broken toe shoved up his … Oh never mind, I’m mostly kidding anyway! :p

    I SO feel for ya. When my oldest was born, he nursed every 3 hours like CLOCKWORK. That meant an hour to clean up after pumping the excess (I was younger then) … because I sterilized everything each time, one hour to sleep and then it started all over again. It’s been 11 years since that time and at some point in the days in-between, sleep in excess of 4 hours a day returned. Good luck! 🙂

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