Who am I? A poem.

standard November 17, 2007 3 responses

Who am I?
A mother
A sister
A friend
A lover

What do I do?
I nurture
I feed
I read
I breed

But what else?
I tease
I tuck
I drive
I scold

What do they need?
The ears
The mouth
The arms
The lap

What do I need?
To write
To laugh
To hug
To be

Who am I?
A mother
A sister
A friend

(A little while ago my buds at Silicon Valley Moms Blog did a nifty newfangled type of book club discussion of Gwendolen Gross’ book The Other Mother. I was slow on the uptake and I didn’t get organized fast enough to be able to participate. I did however go on a little Internet search about Gwendolen and her book, and I came across her writing site. Her latest writing prompt inspired this poem, a first for me.)

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