Trick or treat! Let me lick your candy for you!

standard November 1, 2007 2 responses

Because of all the trouble we had last year we’ve been very carefully planning for this year’s Halloween. There has been much coaching and talking up of trick or treating, decorations, pumpkins and even costumes. Yesterday we went over the details one last time:
“Children in costumes are going to come to the door, they are going to say trick or treat, and we’re going to give them candy. Do you understand? Can you tell me what’s going to happen?”
“Children come to C’s house and say trick or treat!”
“That’s right, and what do we do?”
“We give candy!”
“I lick candy first!”
“Uh, no, you don’t lick their candy.”
“Yes! Yes! I lick candy!”
“OK. Knock yourself out…”

She didn’t lick any candy. Instead she was a model hostess and actually seemed to have fun. Yay! Halloween is back!

One little happy lobster…

Thought trick or treating was exhausting…

One happy little cowgirl…

Thought the whole thing rocked.

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